Three facts about our organization:

We are a Christian youth nonprofit

We are a 501c3 and operate entirely on local donations. All trips and camps off-island are paid for by families and subsidized to provide opportunities to every student.

Our nonprofit is unique to Lopez Island

We only exist on Lopez and have been adapted after other youth organizations to practically serve the uniqueness of our small island community.

We are established in the community

Over 80% of high school students on our island have attended a 3Vs event and 44% have attended a trip off-island or camp with us. (As of 2019)

Why is the 3Vs good for teens?

  • Connection with each other

    We provide positive events for all teens so that they might connect with each other outside of school. Crazy activities break down barriers and there's something about sliding down a giant slip-n-slide with your peers or exploring a new city together that builds relationships.

  • Connection with the community

    We have trusted adult volunteers at each event to speak life into Lopez teens. Research shows that having five non-parental, intergenerational adults who care positively affects mental health and resiliency in teens. This is not to replace or contradict parents, but to support and come alongside them.

  • Connection with God

    We are motivated by and have found hope and life through our faith in Jesus. We believe that spirituality is something teens need to think about, question, and discuss, so we offer the space for this.


What does each V stand for?

VIA: The Way

Fun events and activities in a positive space for teens to meet

VERITAS: The Truth

A place for teens to explore and develop their faith

VITA: The Life

Opportunities for teens to add service to their lives

The 3Vs stand for Via, Veritas, and Vita, which is Latin for the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

At the last supper, Jesus told his disciples he would leave soon and prepare a special place for them. Philip then commented that they don't know where he was going and asked how they can know the way. Jesus reply is simple, but deep. "I am the way (via), the truth (veritas), and the life (vita). Nobody comes to the Father except through me." (John 14:6)

He is the way for anyone to reach God, the truth as a person and not just an idea, and full life available to anyone. Ultimately, this is what the 3Vs wants to model through relationships and programming.


To connect Lopez youth with each other, their community, and with God.


For the youth of Lopez to know and experience the hope and love of Jesus.